About me

Raffy Lou who?

It’s just lil’ ol’ me. The name was an endearing name my in-laws gave me, and it stuck!

I am Raffy Lou, daughter of a loving God who led me to where I am today!

I became a Christian July of 2009 and haven’t looked back. I fully believe that God is the reason I am alive today, which is why I plan to use my talents to share the gospel and spread the good news of Jesus so long as I am here on this earth. And that starts in my home.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16

Outside of my kiddos’ stuff, you can find me eating a burger in my minivan in the HEB parking lot after a day of thrift shopping, hanging at the house, reading on my big ugly chair, or dabbling in watercolor and acrylic art. 

I also love catching up on the going-onings at Dunder Mifflin. I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan, but I would say I’m the mediumest fan.

Spoiler Alert

I never wanted to homeschool. It's all my husband's fault.

the man, the legend, the most patient human being in the history of the world

I’m married to the best of the best! DH met me at my worst and loves me 13 years later. I feel like we’ve been through the ringer but have both come out of everything stronger. I love this dude, and we now have 4 of the coolest kids on the planet. Facts.

He was also the one to convince me to quit my desk job and homeschool, and since I’m such a great and submissive wife, I did — two years later after my own extensive research, and then being convinced by my now-bff that I could do it. 🙂

Okay okay, he planted a good idea in my head, and I honestly wish we’d pulled the trigger sooner. He was riiiiight.

unapologetically us

What you’ll see here is what you get. I don’t plan for this to be a blog following our family around, but you may catch glimpses of our life, just because this is OUR LIFE, and everything I choose to share or not share is just what works for our family. You do you, and we’ll do us – a family that is God-loving, messy, but FULL of love. And Michael Scott references.

Meet The


I don’t plan to share a ton about them for the sake of their privacy but we are blessed with D16, B10, L8, and K4. Three boys and my baby girl! D16 got the ball rolling with this homeschooling thing in 4th grade and we’ve just been at it ever since, still making mistakes, but we are figuring it all out together. Having a full-on teenager AND a toddler at the same time is tough, but PRETTY darn cool. These little toots have taught me so much about love, and what it means to WANT to be a better person. There’s nothing like it.

Ok so here's the actual story

I never wanted to teach my own kids. I knew there were better, more qualified people out there to do that. At least, that’s the mindset I was conditioned to believe, just like most people.

After several issues at my kid’s very expensive private school (including a teacher that refused to teach from a standing position), I could tell my very bubbly boy was losing his spark. He’d come home defeated, so nervous to tell me every single time his chart color changed from green to yellow to orange and then to red. Ah, he’s just a boy being a boy and can’t sit still, right? 

No biggie. 

Except, it is a biggie. It’s a huge biggie when your super normal regular kid starts dreading waking up in the morning because he gets in trouble too much, and his color changes too often, and his grades are low because he dropped his pencil one too many times. He’s in the red because he talked too much. He comes home thinking he’s not smart because his academic grade is affected by his behavior – makes a whole lot of sense to me. Not. I think he had two green days his entire year that year, and he was over-the moon those days. Heartbreaking.

Strike one in my book. 

But I can handle that. We can work on behavior. I get that certain behaviors are necessary in a controlled environment so as not to disturb everyone else around you. I get it.

Fast forward – my kid is now being bullied by another kid that seems to be seeking him out in the hallways and threatening him. He came home telling me this same little third-grader made the neck-slice gesture at him in the hallway and when my terrified boy ran to tell a teacher, that teacher made sure to tell him, “don’t run in the halls!” and sent him on his merry way.

Strike three

But no. It wasn’t strike three. (I know I skipped two; it’s an Office reference 🙂 I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t take my son seriously and brushed it off because I trusted that his teachers would not do that, unless HE was misbehaving. Surely he was doing something that warranted this treatment.

My husband knew better. 

He was bullied mercilessly during grade school and took it very seriously. Talked to the principal and got the kid suspended – for a whopping day after they found a razor on him. A razor!

My son came home with an actual cut on his arm that he had told me about, and I’d brushed off as “it was probably an accident and he didn’t mean to cut you. Is it a scratch from something else? From recess? Are you sure THAT kid did it?”


Let me tell you what a huge dirtbag I felt like after that. I owed it to my son to do better, and the next year, I did. 

Word of advice: Listen to your kids when they tell you stuff – because as they get older, they may not want to tell you stuff anymore.

The stars aligned, and I decided to give homeschooling a shot after moving to a great school district (as a back-up, of course!) and I knocked it out of the park!

Just kidding.

Year one was a huge disaster. Year two was a slightly smaller dumpster fire. Year three was kind of okay. Year four was good. Year five was pretty awesome and we started finding our groove.

And now that same kid that was a problem in traditional school – the class clown. The one with a label – has a huge heart, can learn anything he puts his mind to, and not just learns it, but excels at it.

His self-esteem is up (as a teenager, sometimes it’s TOO up!) and I believe he knows who he is in God’s eyes. And that is all that matters.

He comes to me with problems. 

He hugs me when he leaves. 

He makes me breakfast in bed. 

He picks up my slack when I’m having a bad day.

And he loves the Lord.

Whatever this kid decides to pursue after graduation – I know he’s going to glorify God while doing it. I know he’s going to go out into the world and shine his light. Because I was able to see his downs and his ups. 

Because I’VE learned to listen.

Homeschooling him has allowed us to cultivate a relationship free from the constraining box of a 9-3pm plus-homework-then extracurriculars, then-bedtime relationship.

I get to experience the best of him and help him through the lows. I have a front row seat in his life, and I know it’s cliché, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If this story sounds familiar, reach out.

Homeschooling (especially in Texas) is easy. The academics will come. All that’s required is a willingness to learn along with your kiddo and an open mind to accept change and adapt when things don’t go as planned.

It can be easy. If I can do this, you can, too.

What else?

Final thoughts

So that’s it! You’ll find that we aren’t real flashy. We aren’t full on “crunchy,” but we try to do organic when possible! Our home/school looks like a regular ol’ family just doing what we think is best for our family. Some days that can be book work, and some days it’s just life learning. Some days we’re running around to activity after activity and grabbing McD’s in the car, and some days we’re having a home cooked family meal at the table. And we believe that God is guiding us through each phase of our (and your) life – however that may look for you at the time!

woo hoo!

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