Day in the Life of a Roadschooler

Roadschooling is a form of homeschooling where education is conducted on the road, often in an RV, while traveling.

This method encourages hands-on and location-based learning. Here’s an example of what a day might look like for a roadschooler:


  • The day could start with a family breakfast and discussion about the day’s itinerary and the learning goals tied to it. The plan might include visiting a national park, a museum, or a historical site.
  • The family might then set out on their adventure. During the travel time, children could read about the day’s destination, write in their travel journals, or practice math problems.



  • Upon arrival at their destination, they would explore the area. For example, at a national park, they might learn about local wildlife, geology, and ecology.
  • There could be opportunities for hands-on activities, like taking samples of soil or water for science experiments, sketching landscapes or artifacts for art, or writing poetry inspired by what they see and experience.



  • After lunch, there might be downtime for quiet activities like reading, writing, or playing educational games.
  • The afternoon could also be a good time for more traditional academic work, like math worksheets or online classes, depending on the family’s approach to roadschooling.


Late Afternoon/Evening:

  • The family might wrap up the day with some recreational activities, like hiking, swimming, or playing games.
  • In the evening, they could have a discussion about what they learned and experienced during the day, connecting their experiences to academic subjects.
  • Children could also spend some time documenting their travels and learning through blogging, vlogging, or scrapbooking.


Roadschooling offers a dynamic learning environment where the world becomes the classroom.

It provides the flexibility to cater to individual learning styles and interests, and it combines academic learning with life skills, like planning, navigation, and adaptability. Please note that access to resources like the internet and public libraries might vary depending on the travel itinerary and location, and roadschooling families will often plan ahead for these needs.

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