Laundry Schedule for a Family of 6

Managing laundry for a family of six can be a significant task, but with a well-planned schedule, it can become manageable. Here’s a simple yet efficient weekly laundry schedule that I came up with after years (yep, years) of inefficient laundry-doing:

Day 1: Mom and Dad’s Laundry

Begin the week by washing the parents’ laundry. This could include clothes, bed linens, and personal items. For our family, this might be two full loads of laundry: mine and my husband’s together, and bed sheets. We currently have streamlined our clothing items into all machine washable items because we simply do not have time to dry-clean or anything like that. This is just something we have opted to do in this season of our life with littles! Because of a set schedule, we also have found that we can combine our laundry into one load. On the occasion that we happen to wear a ton of whites/light colored clothing, we do an extra small load for whites, but that’s rare as well. 

Day 2: Children’s Laundry (1 & 2)

Wash the clothes of the two eldest or two youngest children, depending on the dirtiness and volume of the laundry. For our family, this is normally our middle two boys. This takes about two loads. One for their clothing, and one for twin bedsheets. They currently only wear easy to wash clothing as well. We shop thrift all-the-time so in the case that something is damaged during play or in the wash, its not a big deal! We’ve chosen to live on the edge.

Day 3: Children’s Laundry (3 & 4)

Wash the clothes of the remaining two children. If the children are older and responsible enough, this is a good opportunity for them to learn how to do their own laundry. This falls on a Wednesday for us, so this is also the day where we have an “easier” homeschool day. My oldest volunteers, and when he gets home, he is able to take care of his laundry himself. When he’s done, I throw my youngest daughter’s in. 

Day 4: Towels and Bath Linens

This day can be dedicated to washing bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bath mats. Towels for the whole family always feels like it takes all day, but that’s largely due to the fact that our washing machines don’t hold that much volume, and because they’re old, sometimes I also have to dry the towels twice. No biggie because I set timers and check periodically throughout the day. We are so blessed to have machines doing our work for us!

Day 5: Kitchen and Dining Laundry

Wash kitchen towels, tablecloths, napkins, and any other fabric items used in the kitchen or dining room. I dedicate this day to kitchen linens, but this is normally also an accumulation of any towels that didn’t get washed yesterday. 

Day 6: Extras

This day is for any additional laundry that didn’t fit into the other categories, such as throw blankets, pet bedding, or delicate items that require hand washing.

Day 7: Rest

Take a break from laundry. Use this day to fold and put away any remaining clean laundry, tidy up the laundry area, and prepare for the next week.

This normally falls on a Sunday, which is our day of rest. We enjoy going to church, then coming home and cooking for dinner, and relaxing with video games or just hanging out. This is NOT a day that I want to be doing laundry – especially since we’ve been knocking it out all week!

In addition to this schedule, make sure each family member is responsible for bringing their dirty laundry to the laundry area. We also require our older kids to fold and put away their own clothes. 

Remember, this schedule is just a guideline and it can be customized to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle. This is just what works for us. You might want to dedicate specific days for washing and others for folding and putting clothes away. You know your family’s needs best, so feel free to adjust this as needed.

Happy Laundry Doing!

Laundry Schedule for 6

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