Morning Baskets and How To Utilize Them in Your Homeschool

Picture this: your homeschool day begins with a cozy gathering, where the whole family comes together to embark on a delightful learning adventure. The sunrise through the window, you hear birds singing, everyone’s slowly waking up and making their way to the living room. No one’s awake enough to argue about anything yet, except maybe whose spot is whose on the couch. You’re all together and the day hasn’t even begun. Sounds magical, right?

That’s the power of morning baskets in homeschooling.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance and the incredible benefits of incorporating morning baskets into your homeschool routine. 

Building Connections and Family Bonding

One of the remarkable advantages of using morning baskets is the opportunity they provide for family bonding and connection. As you gather together each morning, you create a special space where everyone can participate, regardless of age or grade level. Engaging in shared activities like reading aloud, discussing ideas, and enjoying interactive materials fosters a sense of togetherness. It strengthens family relationships, promotes sibling camaraderie, and creates lasting memories. Through morning baskets, you lay the foundation for a supportive and connected homeschooling environment.

If you’ve read any of my stuff, you might know that I’ve got a few kiddos and their age spans quite the gamut. I’ve got a toddler through a teenager. You could be wondering, what in the world could a teenager benefit from at the same time that a toddler could? Sounds like a complete waste of time for the teen.

The other day, we all sat and I read aloud a little devotional about some weird kind of unknown sea creatures and how cool it was that God made all these creatures. Seems pretty basic and elementary, right? My teenager sat with his siblings and listened and as I asked questions and we discussed, he helped answer questions and hypotheses for them as well. He was like my teacher aide assisting me in discussing something as “basic” to us as “why does this creature have this certain characteristic?” He already knew that deep underwater sea creatures had specific things about them that surface level sea creatures didn’t, and his helping explain that to the kids helped make it even more interesting! What kid doesn’t LOVE learning from their big bro!

That interest turned into us looking up a quick documentary and they were able to see videos of these elusive creatures and then they all talked about how creepy they were because we didn’t know anything about them and because they were still relatively unknown. That then turned into how come we don’t have submarines that can just go down there and take pictures? That opened up a discussion on pressure under the water’s surface, how deep the ocean actually is, etc. etc. etc. 

And that’s not all. He gets the benefit of learning to engage with a younger audience. How to get down and explain something to their level – he’s learning how to teach – at the same time while fostering his relationship with his siblings who trust and love him! What a confidence builder. 

Cultivating a Love for Learning

Morning baskets are a gateway to cultivating a love for learning in your homeschool. By carefully curating a collection of books, poems, devotionals, and educational resources, you create an atmosphere that sparks curiosity and fuels a passion for knowledge. How, you ask? The engaging and varied content in your morning basket exposes your children to a wide range of subjects, ideas, and perspectives.

If it doesn’t interest them, they won’t read it. Simple as that. And don’t be surprised if at first, a stack of books holds no interest to your kids. It might start off that way when they’re left to their own devices. It’s important to sit with them and help explain things that might go over their heads. To make it interesting. It ignites their imaginations, inspires critical thinking, and encourages a lifelong love of reading. As they witness your enthusiasm for learning, they become inspired to explore and discover their own interests.

I can assure you that none of my kids started off fighting over my stack of old encyclopedias. But using the example of the sea creatures above, we discussed in such depth (sea what I did there?) that they were dying to know more about the anglerfish. That kind of curiosity rarely pops up on its own. If it was up to them, I’m sure they’d rather wake up first thing in the morning and curl up to some Minecraft instead. This way, they’re learning about stuff they didn’t know before AND it’s fun because they are seeking out the information on their own accord. You are just helping guide them to find that info. 

Flexibility and Personalized Learning

Speaking of Minecraft, I have no beef with Minecraft. We incorporate all kinds of things in our morning baskets. Minecraft color-by-number pages, and puzzles get placed in it often, specially for my two middle boys. Morning baskets offer flexibility and the opportunity for personalized learning within a shared experience. You can tailor the content to meet the unique needs and interests of each child, selecting books and materials appropriate for their age and ability.

My teen couldn’t care less about Minecraft, but I’ve got “fun reading” in there for him to pick through. It could be a how-to-draw book, or color art theory. Something as simple as The Dangerous Book for Boys sits in there at all times. That book has opened up tons of conversations alone, to paper plane competitions later, and who can actually tie this super cool knot! Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers, you can adapt the morning basket to suit their individual learning styles and levels of understanding. It allows for differentiation while still fostering a sense of unity as a homeschooling family.

I love it. By customizing the morning basket, you can create a rich and engaging experience that meets the diverse needs of your children.

Nurturing Character and Values

Morning baskets provide a platform to intentionally nurture character development and instill core values in your children. You can select resources that align with your family’s values and incorporate them into your morning routine. Like I mentioned above, devotionals are important in our family. God is woven into everything. Because we feel that He should be. I don’t separate “school” from “church.” We have a Biblical mindset in every aspect of life and we are instilling in our kids that everything we choose to do in life should glorify God. We don’t live for self.

Whether it’s reading stories that exemplify kindness, discussing moral dilemmas, or engaging in gratitude exercises, the morning basket becomes a powerful tool for shaping character, fostering empathy, and building a strong moral foundation. We have an etiquette book specifically for boys. Something as simple as opening a door for a young lady or an older person is important for our family, so that is what we provide in our basket.

Integrating morning baskets into your homeschooling routine holds immense value and benefits for your family. They provide a space for connection, inspiration, and shared learning experiences. Morning baskets nurture a love for learning, foster family bonding, and allow for personalized and flexible education. Through carefully curated content, you can ignite curiosity, ignite imaginations, and instill core values in your children. That’s the goal here.

It’s not busy work.

It’s not just something to keep them occupied while you’re scrolling Facebook. It’s intentional time with your kids first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day.

So, gather your family, cozy up with your morning basket, and embark on a daily adventure that will not only enrich your homeschooling journey but also create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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