My First ABCs Coloring and Tracing Book


Is your little one scribbling on all their siblings’ workbooks? Do they ask to “do school” like their big bro? Dip your toes into pseudo-structured learning with this MINI curriculum and activity book written with curious 3 year olds (and up!) in mind!

Created by a mom of a toddler – for her toddler!

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If you want to take the guesswork out of how to dip your toes into teaching your own child, My First ABCs Coloring and Tracing Book will help!

Here’s what your child will discover in this SUPER FUN activity book:

Letter recognition

With an included suggested schedule for moms, your child will be introduced to their ABCs with one letter a week! Included are PLENTY of practice sheets to spread them out as much or as little as you'd like, depending on your child's curiosity!

Letter Tracing

Every letter is FULL of tracing lines within the week! By the end of the week, your child could be writing a letter on their own because of how often they are introduced! Use with different mediums to practice - highlighters, pencils, crayons!


Don't let that scare you! Math is an everyday thing we all learn without even realizing it! Simple math includes counting, measuring, adding, and some subtraction at the end! They'll even learn how to associate tally marks with what they count!


Your child will learn to search and identify objects, count them, and turn it into a simple bar graph. Repetition of this weekly will help with following simple instructions AND have fun while doing it! They won't even know they're learning!


Who doesn't love pattern recognition and identifying what comes next? Your child will love it. Say the objects out loud, and help them with critical thinking of what comes next in a simple sequence!


We can't have an activity book without COLORING. Included with every letter are fun coloring pages that include a large bubble letter and object that starts with that letter. Say it and color it!


Every letter also has a large bubble upper and lowercase letters perfect for use with dot markers, cotton swabs dipped in paint, or dollar store circle award stickers! Practice their fine motor skills like peeling stickers and lining them up, and painting dots within the circles!


Learning at home isn't complete without FUN interactions with you and your child! Included are bigger and FUNNER words that you can have your child repeat after you and trace for funsies. A quick-find glossary of the fun (and goofy) words at the back of the book! It's never too early to build their vocabulary and introduce them to funny-sounding words in the English language.

Why learn CAT when you can learn CATTYWAMPUS? That's just a bunch of flapdoodle! Now stop dilly dallying and grab yours!


Over 240+ pages to engage your child and let them learn like a big kid! Perfect for car rides, church pew sitting, beginning homeschooling, or just to scribble in while they get used to holding a pencil. Remember their little hands are still forming. Don't expect perfection! Learning at this age should be FUN! Watch their love of learning blossom right before your eyes as you encourage them to keep tracing, keep coloring, keep saying the words letter after letter!

Testimonial from my actual 3 year old

What letter am I learning today??
Kate B.
Haha! Look at the octopus!
Kate B.
I did it! Look at the letter I traced!
Kate B.


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You will receive an email that will include our password to these sample pages in our FREEBIE VAULT.

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