Perfection Vs. Authenticity

Come, let us bow down in worship. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.


Let’s dive into the wisdom of Psalm 95:6: “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.”

Isn’t that like an invitation to a soul-refreshing partaaay? Life can get crazy, and sometimes our connection with God can take a backseat. But carving out time for worship and prayer isn’t just a luxury; it’s like soul fuel for your daily journey.

This has been the first year that I’ve kept up with a yearly challenge of reading the entire Bible to completion. Of course, we are only in September, but this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten and I’m pretty darn proud of myself. The change?

Accountability from my sisters in Christ, and a determination that hey, I’m not getting any younger and God has been waiting this long for me to get it together. It’s about time I prioritized Him.


I was baptized in 2009, and though I’ve grown as a Christian, it always bothered me that I was never able to keep up with this ONE challenge. Excuses aside, I felt a nudge this year. 

Now I imagine prayer and Bible study time as my heart’s sanctuary, a place where I can lay down my worries (and boy do I have lots!) and soak up God’s presence.

It’s not about perfection; it’s about authenticity.

When you come before God, whether you’re crying out in frustration or whispering your thankfulness, you’re entering a space of renewal. You’re acknowledging that you’re not alone in this journey of motherhood, and God is right there, in the hills and valleys.

I get it, life is a whirlwind, and finding time for worship, prayer, and study might feel like an added challenge.

But read it again. Let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker.

We were made to worship.

We were made to glorify Him. We were literally made for this. We were not made in passing to walk this earth doing what “makes your heart happy.” God gave us a purpose and that is to glorify Him and continue to spread the Gospel. Can’t spread the Gospel if you don’t read your Bible. Can’t glorify God if we have nothing to do with him except on Sundays every so often. It’s hard to swallow, but these are the things I told myself.

If I am to teach my kiddos to follow my footsteps, I’d better set the example of putting God first, finally, instead of whenever it’s convenient for me. 

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