As teenagers prepare to spread their wings and venture into adulthood, it’s essential to equip them with practical life skills, including laundry care. Knowing how to properly care for clothing is not only a basic necessity but also a valuable life skill that will save them time, money, and headaches. In this blog post, we’ll explore some essential laundry care knowledge that every teenager should learn before leaving the nest. Get ready to become a laundry pro and conquer the world of clean clothes!


Sorting Like a Pro: Colors, Fabrics, and Care Labels

Sorting clothes correctly is the first step towards laundry success. Teach your teenager the importance of separating laundry by color to prevent color bleeding or fading. Encourage them to pay attention to fabric types, such as delicate items that require gentle care. Show them how to read care labels on clothing, deciphering symbols and instructions for washing, drying, and ironing. Sorting clothes ensures that each garment receives the appropriate treatment, leading to better laundry outcomes.

Ultimate Laundry Symbols Guide from Maids.com


Mastering the Washing Machine

Teach your teen how to operate a washing machine confidently. Demonstrate the different settings and cycles, including temperature selection, load size, and specific fabric settings. Emphasize the importance of using the right amount of detergent, avoiding overloading the machine, and balancing the load for efficient cleaning.

Show them how to use stain removers or pre-treatments for stubborn stains. By mastering the washing machine, they’ll ensure their clothes come out fresh and clean every time.

I didn’t learn how to properly care for my clothes until very recently, and now that I have kids and lots more going on, I’ve opted to keep it simple and only buy clothes that are mainly cotton and can be thrown in the washing machine. We also buy cheap and/or thrifted, so that if we have stains that I don’t feel like dealing with, they either become reincarnated as rags or trashed. 

Even if they need to use a laundromat when they move out, most washing machines are easy enough to operate, but still. Take a minute to teach them.

If you like that little cheat sheet there, here’s a download of it just for you!


Drying and Ironing Techniques

Guide your teenager through the drying and ironing process. Teach them to differentiate between clothes that should be air-dried, machine-dried, or hung to dry. Demonstrate how to fold and hang clothes properly to prevent wrinkles and maintain their shape. Introduce them to ironing techniques, including selecting the appropriate heat setting, using steam or water spray when needed, and ironing clothes inside out for delicate fabrics. 

These skills will ensure that their clothes are well cared for and presentable for job interviews and just to look.. not unkempt. Ensure that they look very kempt. 🙂


Laundry Organization and Care

Encourage your teen to establish good laundry habits, including regular washing, folding, and putting clothes away. Show them how to organize laundry by sorting and folding clothes efficiently, using storage systems like drawers or hangers. Teach them how to care for special items like woolens, delicates, or athletic wear. Instill the habit of checking pockets before washing to prevent surprises. I’ve got a huge jar of special gifts I’ve found in every load! By being organized and attentive to care, they’ll maintain the longevity and quality of their clothing, thus saving money on replacing damaged pieces.

With the knowledge of essential laundry care, your teenager will be well-prepared to conquer the world of clean clothes and laundry management like a true adulty person. From sorting and operating the washing machine to mastering drying techniques and stain removal, these skills will save them time, money, and frustration

By instilling good laundry habits and attention to care, they’ll ensure their clothes always look their best. So, gather your teenager, pass on your laundry wisdom, and watch them transform into laundry pros ready to take on the world—one clean load at a time!

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