What is deschooling and do I really need to do it?

What is deschooling?

To put it simply, deschooling is a period of adjustment that occurs when a child transitions from a traditional school setting to a homeschooling environment. It’s a time for the child (and often the parent :)) to decompress and unlearn some of the structures and expectations of the conventional school system. This period allows children and their parents to reconnect with their natural curiosity and innate love of learning.

Interesting. How long should I do deschool?

The length of the deschooling period varies, but a common rule of thumb is one month of deschooling for each year the child was in traditional school. However, the process is highly individual and should be tailored to the child’s needs.

Cool. Benefits of doing something like this?

Here are some of the main benefits of deschooling:

  1. Reducing Burnout: Many children and parents experience burnout from the pace and pressure of traditional schooling. Deschooling provides a much-needed break, allowing both parties to rest, recharge, and rediscover the joy of learning.

  2. Building Relationships: Deschooling can be a time for parents and children to bond and build stronger relationships. This can be particularly beneficial if the school experience has been stressful or if the parent-child relationship has been strained.

  3. Exploring Interests: Without the constraints of a school curriculum, children have the freedom to explore their own interests and passions. This can lead to deeper, more engaged learning in the long run.

  4. Learning to Learn: Deschooling helps children and parents discover how they learn best. Everyone has different learning styles and preferences, and deschooling provides the freedom to explore and understand these.

  5. Building Confidence: By allowing children to take control of their own learning, deschooling can help build their confidence and sense of responsibility.

  6. Easing the Transition: For children who have been in a traditional school setting for many years, the transition to homeschooling can be quite jarring. Deschooling provides a buffer, easing this transition and setting the stage for a more successful homeschooling experience.

In conclusion, deschooling is a crucial first step for many new homeschoolers. It allows children and parents to decompress, redefine their understanding of education, and start their homeschooling journey on a positive note.

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